Cherry Fudge Shortbread


Lynda Morrison from Cake by Lynda Morrison used Johnsons fudge in her shortbread recipe and sent in a review plus the actual recipe and a step by step method for our customers, which we have duly published below! Happy baking.

Johnsons cherry fudge is amazing. Smooth creamy fudge with big chunks of real cherries, delicious on its own and has endless baking possibilities.

I baked shortbread with my cherry fudge, it was so good with a strong cup of tea! I enclosed the fudge in the dough but you could just mix chunks of fudge in, cut in shapes and bake.


• 225g butter

• 110g caster sugar

•225g plain flour

• 110g corn flour

• Pinch of salt

• 100g cherry fudge, chopped into small pieces


• Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.

• Add the flour, corn flour and salt and mix.

• Turn the dough onto a work surface and lightly kneed to a soft dough.

• Cut the dough into two equal halves.

• Roll or pat to two equal sized circles about 1cm thick.

• Place baking paper onto a baking sheet and position one of the circles on to this.

• Place the chopped fudge onto the circle leaving a 1cm rim round the edge.

• Dampen the rim with a little milk and place the second circle of dough on top. Press down to seal. If you like you can crimp round the edge with your fingers or mark it with a folk.

• Score the top with a sharp knife to indicate where the biscuit will be cut into wedges and sprinkle with a little sugar if you wish.

• Place the tray in the fridge for 30 minutes to firm up before baking at 170 degrees C for approx. 20 minutes until a light golden brown.

• Once cool, cut into wedges and enjoy!

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