Johnson's Toffees World Cup Fever


There are some tell tale signs it's the World Cup, so it's going to be a tough month for those who love football and more so for those who don't. Recognise any of these?

  • Rushing through meals, or even skipping them.
  • Sore thumbs from checking the sky sports app.
  • Shopping is absolute no-no, unless there are bars showing the football every 5 yards as there are no TV stores on the high-street any more (remember Saturday afternoons in town with crowds jostling for position outside Radio Rentals at 4:45pm?).
  • Even internet shopping is impossible as every screen is tied up showing a game. 
  • Dinner out will always at a pub/bar (no prizes for guessing it won't be at that chain that doesn't show sport).
  • Gym who?
Johnson's have a few coping strategies for the testing time ahead:

  • Avoid buying 'garage' flowers and buy Love Fudge ahead of the game, or keep it as a sub if the game goes into extra time!
  • Keep your energy levels up and have some Toffee or Fudge to hand at all times. It's amazing how many calories are expended just watching football, especially if you're an England fan.
  • Cocoa is high in antioxidants and these are apparently rather good for you. So to avoid being, erm...over oxidised get an occasional intake of one of the Johnson's yummy Chocolatey options to see you through the roller coaster that is the World Cup.
  • Escaping to a quiet room with a brew and good book deserves a treat so indulge yourself with Strawberries & Cream Fudge. Perfect for June....anyone for tennis?
  • Use the WC18 discount code and take advantage of the 18% off for the duration of the 2018 World Cup.
Whatever your fave flave is we probably have it covered at Johnson's Toffee & Fudge and, if not, there is always the create your own flavour option. Please note if you aren't a wholesaler it wouldn't be advised to clear 10kg of Toffee or Fudge in a month, however delicious it is (or how stressful the football is for believers and non-believers alike).

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