Why Handmade Toffee & Fudge Makes The Perfect Gift


What better way to show someone you care than with a scrumptious box of handmade luxury toffee or luxury fudge

Whether it's a thank you gift or a romantic gesture, few people can resist the divine taste of luxury handmade toffee. Handmade toffee makes the perfect gift for that special person. The use of only the finest ingredients creates a wonderful melt in the mouth experience they will love.

Toffees make an ideal gift any time of year. It doesn't have to be Valentine's day to send your love an indulgent treat. Your mum would love to be spoiled with a box of luxury Handmade Toffee or luxury Handmade Fudge.

Why not spoil yourself as well. You don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy quality toffee. There are so many flavours to choose from you're sure to find one you like from our large selection, everything from Chocolate Toffee to Tia Maria Fudge.

Relive your childhood memories

Does banana split or bubblegum makes you feel nostalgic? Reliving childhood memories can be very comforting. It can take you back to a time of innocence when everything seemed magical.

Relive those precious memories with the smooth creamy taste of banana split toffee. Each chewy mouthful will take you back to those wonderful deserts your mum made as a Sunday treat.

If bubblegum conjures up a fond childhood memory you can relive it with Bubblegum Fudge. You can almost taste the bubbles you used to blow with the gum!

Indulge your love of chocolate

If you're a chocoholic you'll love the smooth indulgent taste of Belgian Chocolate Coated Vanilla Fudge. The use of copper pans allows for a richer flavour.

If you've ever tried death by chocolate cake you'll know how comfortingly indulgent every mouthful is. Well, you or that special person in your life can enjoy that same wonderful taste with Death by Chocolate Fudge.

Traditional methods and pure ingredients produce fine quality handmade fudge and quality toffee. Full cream condensed milk is pure indulgence and a main ingredient. If you remember puddings made with condensed milk you'll understand how wonderfully indulgent it is.

Why artisan tastes so good

There are plenty of wonderful toffees available in your high street shop, but once you've tasted artisan toffee or artisan fudge nothing else will do. Your family or friends will love you for giving them such a unique and yummy gift.

Artisan toffee differs as it's made by hand, making every box you give a luxurious treat. As there's no mass production involved, every toffee or piece of fudge will be unique.

So why not treat that special person in your life to some wonderful Yorkshire traditional toffee. It's also a lovely gift to show thanks and appreciation.

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