National Fudge Day

Posted By: Johnson's Toffees Published: 17/05/2018
National Fudge Day

The 16th of June 2018 is National Fudge Day, honest. Well, we may be using a bit of creative licence here as this is US thing, but that's not to say we can't indulge in a little piece of 'Fudging the Truth' as that isn't exclusive to our friends over the pond either. Our US counterparts claim to have created Fudge back in the 19th Century, if you believe Wikipedia, but here at Johnson's we are staking a claim to win it back.

If you have tried Johnson's Fudge you will know the only thing American about it would be the one Whiskey Fudge we have created with a little help from the State of Tennessee in the US, where it's capital Nashville is the home of singin' and whiskyin', so it's a Fudge with a 'yeeeee haa'. A bit closer to home we've taken inspiration from the Emerald Isle with our Luxury Irish Cream Fudge which goes down well as a chaser after our Irish Stout Fudge. From our Irish neighbours we know of a drink called 'Black Maria' which is a combo of our Irish Stout Fudge and Tia Maria Fudge, so try mixing them together at once if your palate can handle it!

If Boozy Fudge isn't your thing maybe you'll be a bit fruity for Johnson's Nutty Fudge selection.  You could go loco down in Acapulco for our Chocolate Coconut Ice Fudge or maybe Samba yourself senseless with our Brazil Nut Fudge or take a trip north of the US border with a little help from our Canadian friends and Maple Walnut Fudge.

On the flip side if you prefer it fruity then you will go nuts for Johnson's Fruity Fudge selection, or maybe your partner is simply the nutty yin to your fruity yang so 'gift them up' Scotty!  You'll go ape for our Banana Fudge and, not to get stuck in a rut of fruit based puns, why not simply try a few flavours to find your fave' flave' and sound like Alberto the Frog from Bod (ask your mum and dad) "Mmmmmmm...Strawberry,  no wait Orange, no wait Cherry...oh I don't know one of each please!"

Slightly off piste are the 'What the Fudge' flavours with Rhubarb sneaking an entrance (well we are based in Yorkshire!) and Salted Caramel having cemented itself as a modern classic from out of nowhere (it's like the Bugatti Veyron of flavours doing zero to overtaking most other flavours in the blink of an eye). We could go on for ever talking about the cheeky alternative flavours but we couldn't finish without mentioning Cookies and Cream Fudge as it's, well...cookies and further questions your honour!

Don't forget our old school heroes like Clotted Cream Fudge & Butter Tablet Fudge and Vanilla Fudge (get it quick before Vanilla becomes more expensive than diamonds!)

And don't worry, if National Fudge Day doesn't whip your cream then there's always a selection of Johnson's Toffees to tempt your taste buds! 

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