National Beer Day


The 15th of June 2018 is National Beer Day in the UK and we think Dads may have had something to do with this as National Fudge Day is the day after and then Father's Day is the 'morning after' that. Looks like Dads have this weekend sewn up!

We've got plenty of 'Boozy' Fudge flavours at Johnson's, so if your tipple is beer we have Irish Stout Fudge to whet your whistle. or maybe it's the after beer taste you prefer? If so we have the perfect chaser in Johnson's Whiskey Fudge or Rum Fudge. For the after dinner digestif we have Luxury Irish Cream Fudge or Tia Maria Fudge. Just so that Mum, or whoever else fancies it, isn't outdone by the beer and chasers Fudge on offer there is always Johnson's Love Fudge which has a creamy dry gin soft flavour fudge sandwiched between two layers of fruity Raspberry fudge, but then again World Gin Day may be a better time to indulge yourself with this one!

Of course, if the Boozy Fudge on offer doesn't float your boat then there is always Fruity Fudge, Chocolatey Fudge, Creamy Fudge, Nutty Fudge, Traditional Fudge, 'What the Fudge' and not to forget Johnson's Toffee.

Tags beer, stout